Friday, June 17, 2005

MM's haiku splendor

this is your ol pal
martin mcfriend on the brink
dyin’s no livin’

whatever you do
don’t fall asleep on this night
the creep is watching

betwixt the nightmares
when ghouls return from the grave
who will save your skin?

to be sure, children
like sheep to the slaughterhouse
they will come to feed

and you won’t like it
when blood becomes your slumber
and evil your dream

the stylish clothing
and magazine subscriptions
won’t save you at all

your education
and classical upbringing
whet large appetites

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for the terror lurks
in the addiction you built
in stark faithlessness

shirk material
give pennies to the street bums
cure you not, it will

yet hope finds purchase
in this twisted wreck of death
as one force protects

only say the word
he will visit through the rift
your only champion

you know this sailor
through naked sea his ship rocked
carrying him home

in glory and love
prodigal return come nigh
hark, martin mcfriend

if you don’t party
then i’ll let you come and watch
that’s freaky marty
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