Thursday, June 16, 2005

The need for regret and repentance

It has come to my attention that my past few posts have been permeated with lude references to unabashed hedonism, drug use, violence, sexual barbarism and other forms of low-rent smut. I would just like to apologize for this. I think your ol pal Marty is just tempted by the moral void that is the world wide interweb.

So in the spirit of contrition, I would like any readers out there to forgive me and celebrate with me the wholesomeness of this grand world by watching an uncensored trailer of George A. Romero's "Land of the Dead," a gruesome zombie opus that completes this brilliant series of despicably gory celluloid classics. I hope that one of these scenes makes you vomit with joy. Thanks and please run your mouse over the symbol \m/

And one more thing.

This guy is a pure genius, an honest, hard-working servant of the lord. And a man who clearly "gets it." Offer him your patronage and visit his site:


After all, even ol Marty gets lonely so it's easy to empathize.

PS- Who wants to fucking party tonight??? Freaks are the shit!
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