Monday, June 13, 2005

This is very important

A friend of mine, henceforth known as Youngling #1 (he can be seen in a major motion picture rapidly descending on a theatre near you...more on that later), sent me the following communique today. I felt obliged to include it on this posting. It goes like this here:


   Here are the pics with Tony Cox.  Feel free to
include them in your blog, thus immortalizing me in
cyberspace. If you write up a little piece for the
pics you should keep in mind the following details:
1. The encounter occured at the 7-11 by CCA
[editor's note: CCA is a wretched hive of scum and villainy
that can be explored by clicking here]
2. Some random woman in a car next to me offered up
her camera
3. I had to help my new dwarf friend reach his drinks

   And, for the record, he was cool as shit.  A
really friendly vertically challenged african american
dwarf.  I feel that must be noted.
                                  Take it sleazy,
                                    C Murda

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Good reporting Youngling #1. Martin is expecting great things from you.
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