Tuesday, July 12, 2005

No rest for the busy, beaten, bleary-eyed

Inundated with bullshit, drifting, drifting, asleep but awake. Skulking around the apartment and the office like warm oatmeal, oozing hither and to. Feeling sunburn and fatigue, but now sober and lucid, the life of a wizard moves in ebbs and flows. The crest is a four-day party, the nadir, a deadline passed and still no stories. No verses to relate, no experiments on which to expound. Though the workload increases, your ol pal feels static and stoic like methusela and want for something to talk about.

Many bloggers fill space with diatribes on politics, music, sports, even the rotten stink of philanderous capering. But me, no, there is nothing for me to give you if you're reading. I only perch at the edge of my black plastic chair and smile, reflecting on the next phase, which involves another round of Japanese lessons, guitar, a folk band, buddhism, a new college football season, weddings for those who gave in.

I'll say this much, the wagon ride is bumpy, and deboarding remains a temptation. Without a cigarette for almost two weeks, in with the new. Give thanks to Zod and let the mysteries follow. Keep your mind filled with the deranged (life is too serious and real and shit.) Here's a light to guide your lonely path:

Bizarre Magazine

And please, check out Satisfied75's new radio blog experiment, like radio clash on pirate satellite, but way newer and of course stylized for your groupie ass. Satisfied75 always lays down the law when it comes to tunes.

Aquarium Lush

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