Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Hold it now, Hit it

Just wanted to pimp another blog for a second. Check out this dude's latest post. Cult Goes Pop. He poses the question, based on that jacktard who writes for Spin Chuck Klosterman, about who you would choose in your own personal all-star band if you could take a singer, a guitarist, a bassist, a drummer and a wild card. I posted my own in the comments section, but since I think it was a nice idea, I'm pimping his blog out in the hopes that more people will post their own selections, and then I can read it for my own pleasure. Seriously, I don't just get off on death all the time. I like hypothetical discussions about meaningless Americana with other Fucksters like myself, it sometimes helps me to escape this evil, evil, evil world. Just joshing, the evil isn't that bad, but this article is certainly outrageous.

Man holding daughter shot in apparent road rage

BROCKTON, Massachusetts (AP) -- A man lifting his infant daughter out of his car was killed in an apparent case of road rage by a motorist "who obviously exploded" and shot him four times at close range in front of dozens of witnesses, authorities said.

The victim's 10-month-old girl was covered with blood but uninjured when police found her in a car seat on the floor of the vehicle.

Walter R. Bishop, 60, who was taking medication for depression, was arrested Tuesday and charged with first-degree murder in the death of 27-year-old Sandro Andrade. He pleaded innocent and was ordered held without bail; a hearing was scheduled for August 26.

Plymouth District Attorney Timothy J. Cruz said Bishop had made a calculated decision to "shoot a man in cold blood in broad daylight on the streets of Brockton."

Police Chief Paul Studenski described it as a case of road rage.

Bishop's attorney, Kevin Reddington, said Andrade had provoked his client during a traffic altercation.

"We have a homicide that resulted from a circumstance where somebody picked a fight with an individual who obviously exploded," Reddington said. Bishop, a former soldier and security guard, had recently begun taking two medications for depression, he said.

Bishop told investigators he was driving his wife to the train station when Andrade's vehicle backed toward him on Main Street, Cruz said. The two exchanged heated words.

"He said his wife was scared, and he said he was angry at that encounter," Cruz said of Bishop. "He said he made up his mind right there that he had to do something."

After dropping his wife off, he allegedly returned to the scene of the confrontation, pointed a handgun through an open window and fired, police said.

"Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! Four shots. It sounded like a cap gun," Louis McPhee, the manager of a car wash across the street, told The Boston Globe. "The guy was lying there in his own blood with a hole in his head and his arm still on the baby."

Bishop left before police arrived, but witnesses gave investigators his license plate number and police found him at his home.

Police said Bishop has a valid handgun license.
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