Tuesday, August 09, 2005


A dog has the soul of a philosopher.
- Plato

This is my dog, Bogans AKA "the boy." He has come down with AIHA — Auto-Immune Hemolytic Anemia. Don't ask me what the fuck that means. All I know is that his red blood cell count is rapidly diminishing, beset by his own immune system, which has turned on itself and is waging a war inside his bloodstream. He is exhausted and in a great deal of pain, most likely living out his final hours as I type this.

I've invoked whatever magic I know, and turned my thoughts to him and his salvation. The boy is a great friend and as unique a dog as anyone is ever likely to come across. He's a purebred from a championship bloodline of English Labradors and only 6 years old, far too young to die, even for his kind. The boy has been friendly and peaceful to all who have crossed his path, human and otherwise. He's unnaturally large, about 110 pounds, but spry as a dog half his size. He doesn't wag his tail, he shakes his entire rear carriage. He sits, speaks, rolls over, shakes and follows on command. He's smart and obedient, fast and strong, always in the middle of everything. Bogans is genuinely receptive of the moods of anyone around him, the ideal companion in every way. Sometimes he sprawls flat on his stomach, extending all five limbs outwards, coming to rest in complete contentment, head on the floor, body shaped like a star.

When he was no more than 5 weeks old, his paws were already roughly the size of my palms. My brother and I were worried about what kind of monster we might have on our hands. We should have known better, that it would be the size of his heart that would eclipse his big frame. He's as innocent and peaceful as any creature I have ever seen and, unequivocally, the best dog I have ever known. I'm no animal rights activist, or PETA freak, but this furry guy does have a soul, one that is graceful and potent. I would be proud and exceedingly fortunate to reincarnate into such a beautiful entity. Tonight I turn my normally dimmer energy to hope, and I wait in desperation for the boy to pull through. And if he should pass, I ask that any force on the other side see to it that he transcends into a place fit for his purity.
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