Friday, September 30, 2005

Dude, Marty has been out of town

Yeah, I've been in Texas, Florida and Georgia for the past few weeks, that or buried under a small mountain of worthless job responsibilities. The good news is I've been working on some new tricks and am very close to unleashing them upon the general public. I've also become a founding member of a new band, The Wizards, which will be playing its first show at that miserable den of inequity known as CCA come New Year's Eve. We plan to play about four or five originals and some covers. I've written two songs, one of which is a tribute to my favorite late night drug house, Doobies, and is titled "Somebody just let the monkey out the cage." More to follow on the exploits of The Wizards, which should be sort of a mixture between Richard Cheese and The Violent Femmes. Also, I finally got to check out the world-renowned Dallas titty bars courtesy of five-star chef Eddie Mendoza, a true champion and scholar walking among the world of men. The bad news is that I've been losing money in my gambling lately. Also, my blog is suffering. But don't worry, if you're out there, I'm channeling the anger and mystery into something powerful. Stay tuned.


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