Thursday, October 27, 2005

Creature Creature

Marty: Stand back and witness brilliance in a country-fresh potpourri essence.

Wizard: Folkish, man.

Marty: And how, you say, you ask, I say.

Wizard: Feast on the hearts of peasants? Dine on saturated man-skin? Crawl through a flesh buffet?

Marty: Be not a fool, old 'un. I am no eater of people eats. Leave that to the Draconian.

Wizard: Then goodling sir?

Marty: Today begins a new era of cleanliness. Right next to Zodliness, you are aware.

Wizard: May the light of Astrium Argentium shine and not flicker upon the nave of House McFriend.

Martin: Shakes.
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