Friday, October 07, 2005

This is just too good, quite sick, too

With respect to, I have to post this. My heart goes out to this twisted, mutant kiddie fucker.

Read this shit, snipped from Snopes, and behold a real-life creature.

Origins: Many readers have indeed been asking whether the above-displayed photograph, which accompanies an entry in Ohio's Electronic Sex Offender Registration and Notification (eSORN) system, is for real. According to the eSORN entry, the picture depicts one Brian Peppers, registered due to a conviction for "Gross Sexual Imposition" in Lucas County, Ohio.

Most readers are of the opinion that the image is a fake (possibly a picture of some type of mannequin or a digitally manipulated photograph), and that the entry in eSORN is an erroneous one (possible a mistake, an inside joke, or a hacking prank). Points in favor of the argument that this in fact a real photograph are:

  • We contacted the Ohio Attorney General's office, who told us: "This is an accurate photo of this offender."

  • The same Brian Peppers appears on a list of registered sex offenders in Lucas County.

  • A record exists for court proceedings related to cases involving a person named Brian J. Peppers charged with two counts of Gross Sexual Imposition.

  • The unusual appearance of the individual pictured could be due to a condition such as Apert's Syndrome or Crouzon's Syndrome.

  • Although the setting of the photograph does not look what one might expect of a mug shot taken for a sex offender registry listing, informal pictures taken in police station cubicles and rooms are often used for such purposes, as evidenced by other photographs in the Lucas County sex offender registry.

    We've also heard from several people who live in or near Lucas County and claim they've encountered Brian Peppers in the past. One of them told us he had a relative who attended school with Brian Peppers and forwarded us some high school yearbook photos to document it:

    Zod bless Ohio, the place of my terrestrial birth. Btw, if you want to get depressed and feel sad, read about Apert's Syndrome and Crouzon's Syndrome. Tell me with a straight face that you believe in god, and not Zod.

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