Thursday, February 23, 2006

From the nether reaches of the Wiki World

In case you haven't already been introduced, and for Zod's sake if you are reading this you should have been, one of the world wide interweb's most fantastic resources (and perhaps a terrible consequence) is the evolving online ultra encyclopedia known as Wikipedia.

Wikipedia is, more or less, a place where you can look up information on anything. Seriously, you can read extensively on just about everything that one would consider important (despots, torture, nightmares, daemonites, serpentine forces, Alexander Hamilton, etc.). Recent multi-hour sojourns into its pages have given me great insight into eschatology and the Varangian Guard, to name just a couple examples that made Marty's high-priority list. But the most unique experience of perusing the wikipedian universe is the tangential nature of every visit. If you've spent as much time there as I have, you understand, but essentially, each entry is fraught with dozens of semi-related hyperlinks, opening the door for the greatest games of online "telephone" outside of Sidebottom family Christmas circa late 80s. Put simply, if you spend an hour on the site and can by the end of your session remember the first subject you looked up, you're a fucking winner, good buddy.

Now, in the rare instance that a subject does not already have an entry, you, or some other learned soul, can submit your own, which is then put through what I only assume is a rigorous testing routine wherein the entry can be proved to be accurate and worth publishing. What with many astral planes to conquer and souls to devour, I haven't actually found the time to read extensively through the testing regimens the site uses, leaving me only to speculate at present. But I think it's safe to say that, even with the ostensibly stringent standards for submitted material, there is probably a great deal of room for bullshit, opinion and erroneous information. This stipulation explains my earlier claim that wikipedia may also be a consequence of today's citizen journalist brigade, or whatever the fuck self-righteous bloggers are calling other self-righteous bloggers these days. With some regret, I also acknowledge that wikipedia has categorically detroyed my ability to get anything done at the office, which, wait a minute, who gives a shit?

Okay, so the point here is that, I have now discovered Wikipedia's evil doppelganger site that, while being anything but comprehensive, provides a demonstrative wizard's nod to the freakish, sorcerial creep segment of Western cyberlore. For the sake of Tobin's Spirit Guide, just read about demon divination or vampirology. I know, a work in progress, but outlets of knowledge may indeed be necessary one day when an orange-masked, furry-tailed descendent of Cain comes gently rapping, rapping, rapping at your chambered door.

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