Friday, February 10, 2006

A Tribute to Gunplay

It's been a militant week for Marty. All these riots over a bunch of semi-offensive political cartoons, on top of Winter Olympic protests, on top of Church burnings, on top of nuclear proliferation, on top of intifada and death and maiming and evil and blood spilling and struggle and loss and political gridlock and escaping cons and marauding armies...ya know, it's had Marty up in arms. Considering the fact that I went through a difficult break-up on Valentines Day last year, I think it's safe to say that February pisses me off fairly well. Not that I'm unhappy, but now is a great time to talk a lot of cynical shit and basically project fearsomeness at life. So, in that charming spirit, I've assembled a small collage of what I feel are excellent images involving GUNS.

Kids with Guns, now that's cool. And I'm not talking about the Gorillaz song.

Now chicks with guns, and large eagle-like tats too, is a whole new level of awesomeness. Particularly when the dame in question happens to be the daughter of avant-gard, ultra freak out horror film director legend Dario Argento. How'd a weirdo like him have such a beauty like you, Asia? Must have been your mother. You see, horror does pay.

Speaking of horror, how fucking terrified would you be if you ran into this old cat in a dark alley? I mean, you should be. After all, he's dead.

Say what you want about this photo. And yeah, it's been overused. But for fuck's sake, has there ever been a better timed photo? This shit is redonkulous, I mean, when you really think about it.

And folks, let's be honest here. Who the hell gives a monkey a gun? This isn't Project X, man. This is the real world. Monkeys with guns are slightly less threatening than cops.

Of course, no tribute to people getting capped could be even reasonably credible without an appearance by Roland Deschain of Gilead doing damage to the sorry citizens of Tull. I think he killed the whole city.

Man bites dog, bitches.

And please, don't fuck with the Jesus.
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