Thursday, April 20, 2006

Significant e-mail exchange

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Dude, that show on M theory happened to be on PBS last night, and it cleared a few things up that I was fuzzy about. M Theory spawned from string theory, or "the theory of everything." On a side note, these theoretical "strings" are even smaller than quarks (which are smaller than protons and neutrons). If a quark was the size of this solar system, a string would be the size of a tree. Ridiculous. lol. Anyway, the idea is that the three dimensions of space and one dimension of time are not the only dimensions. These strings, on the sub particle level, or sparticle level, create an additional six dimensions that we're not capable of recognizing due to evolved perception, conditioning and whatnot (maybe this is where the LSD filter comes into play?). That's how the parallel universes work. Our universe is like one slice of a loaf of bread that creates a super universe of sorts. The worm hole theory suggests that the far reaches of this universe are closer than the nearer reaches because of the slice shape. Imagine that south LA was folded over to be parallel to north LA, with Beverly Hills at the fold. We only know to travel through the hills to get to the Valley, when, in actuality, if we could create a rift through space, we could just jump from say, Inglewood to Burbank through the worm hole in a fraction of the time, rather than traveling the surface. Because string theory explains that such rifts might occur on the string level, it's possible that a rift could occur on a larger one, but not really. And then they involve the small membranes on that level. The membranes are said to be able to expand with energy. A great force of energy could enlarge a membrane to the point that it is the size of, well, the universe as we know it. We're just a membrane, dude. To travel from one universe to another has to do with another sub-proton particle called a graviton. Gravity, though it aligns the planets and brings apples falling to the ground, is relatively weak. But if you could magnify the gravity, the spill over would travel to the next universe. So, we would have to be able to travel on the gravity, I guess. It's like a pool table. The surface is, more or less, two dimensions - everything traveling on a plane - like our "slice." But the knocking of the balls creates sound waves that transcend those dimensions. They spill over. Like gravity. Ideas such as the Big Bang Theory might be the contact of the rolling, wave-like universes touching each other at a point. I'm not sure there. I'm just giving you a starting point for a massive Interweb study. (Also, atom smashers are the four-mile long loops where they crash atoms together at unbelievable speeds. The people who do this are the same people that as kids used to set things on fire. Fermilab, in Indiana, is one atom smasher. Cern is the one under construction on the France, Switzerland border that is going to destroy Fermilab. Even Fermilab admits it.) All right, dude, I have to go to work.

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Particle accelerator! That's what it's called. Btw, thanks for ruining my entire day at 10 am.
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